Paradise found – my birthday out hiking to Elan valley

I’m in the middle of writing all my online training courses at the moment so have had my face too near the computer for quite a while. I have a crystal sat on my lap top to help absorb the radiation.  All that electromagnetic field is not good for me and can leave me feeling lethargic so I also ensure that I minimize my time on it as much as I can.  Plus I have to feel creative to write them so I often escape to pastures new and let mother nature in all of her glory be my muse and energizer.  My birthday which was the 3rd of October was a welcome excuse to do just that.

It was a magical 45th birthday and I got to spend it with friends and my daughter at the lovely Elan Valley in mid Wales. Think of a reservoir with shingle beach, a huge dam, with the back drop of hills and lush moorland sprinkled with heather to explore plus plenty of fresh air. It is a hikers dream!


It is a great place to have adventures, picnic in or even unify mind and body by doing some yoga, and qigong. My fear of heights is starting to subside. If you’ve been with me from the beginning you will have been able to track my progress from the comfort zone into the new one.  I’m pleased to say that with the feeling of fear no longer my focal point I was able to have a beautiful mindful walk and really be in the moment.

There is a lovely little cafe and trinket shop at the beginning  of the walk with scenic views and beautiful statues of famous artists such as Shelley. We toured the shop that was full of beautiful crystals, had some refreshments and then headed outside to the picnic bench in the park land.

We ate a lovely home cooked picnic and I even had a lovely home baked birthday cake made for me and my daughter courtesy of my Friend Midge. It was my daughters birthday the following day so we were having a joint one which made it very special. Surprisingly enough despite a warm gentle breeze we even managed to light the candles. There’s something wonderful about eating food whilst being surrounded by stunning views of hills, trees, streams and the odd kestrel flying overhead.

My birthday in Elan Valley in mid Wales!
My birthday in Elan Valley in mid Wales!

As usual October has been gorgeous, a lovely hot summers day and clear blue skies. However I came well prepared this time with my new hiking boots, body warmer and fleece and snood. All courtesy of my friends and family. It was a lovely birthday surprise.  Needless to say I had to shed some items of closing.

Beautiful colored toadstools lined the paths and I felt like Alice in wonderland but with a good spin and no rabbit obsessed with time. Time stands still in beautiful lands such as these as it should do!


The hills and moorlands are a great place to yodel or try to yodel I should say. Yes we did exactly that. The group I was with, I was the instigator by the way, decided to yodel a word however I went one step further and sang the hills are alive with the sound of the music. There is something beautiful listening to the sound of your own voice coming back at you as the sound echoed around the grassy planes. Sound therapy springs to mind!

The views are breathtaking.  The land was home to beautiful sheep that climbed the slate hills. Their fleece was so white and twice as thick compared to the sheep where I live.  On first glance they looked like Angora sheep. One was stood on a rock crevice and not sure whether it was stuck or not we all ventured closer. It was the male member of the group who decided to climb and he scrambled upwards with great speed to check the little fellow was okay. On spotting him, he gave a bar (sheep language) and darted out of the way.  It was then that we realized that he’d probably just been admiring the views like we had. After-all this was the little fellows habitat and he was obviously an expert climber!

Finally we reached the top, and sat down on lush green grass to absorb the beauty of nature in her full glory. There are many paradises on this earth and this is one of them.  I did some qigong and specialized breathing exercises that refueled me and prepared me for the walk back down.

As we reached the car park we decided to do a spot of photography and take some pictures of the beautiful statues that are dotted around the cafes grounds.



Over all it was an amazing  fun day with great food, beautiful scenery, wonderful conversation and lovely company. What more could I ask for?

As I got back to my place the darkness had enveloped my property and land. After feeling my way into the lounge I switched a light on, fed my cat and then strode out onto the stable yard. It was a beautiful warm night and I rolled out my yoga mat to sit on. I watched an amazing crescent red pink moon that’s just popped up from behind a cloud.  It is these good habits that keeps me connected to consciousness which exists everywhere and in everything thing. It is one of the ways I keep my root chakra open. It helps me to feel grounded in this earthy realm and helps to bring more stability into my life.

Later I write in my gratitude journal before having an early night. The countryside is natures own remedy for a good sleep and I catch many zzz before waking up nice and early the next day revitalized. Ready to carry on writing my training courses.  As I settle behind my computer I smile to myself as I’ve just been invited back to Elan valley at the end of the month to star gaze through telescopes and I note it in my diary. I’ll keep you posted!

My muse if you haven’t already guessed is the outdoors. What is yours?


Brave Heart – my day out to Pistyll Rhaeader waterfall in Wales

For those of you who have read my previous article about climbing Vernwi waterfall in Wales you’ll already know about my fear of heights & how I’m determined to conquer it.

After  thoroughly enjoying the experience and surprisingly enough I didn’t need to be asked twice to climb another one. The new one being Pistyll Rhaeader nestled in the Berwyn mountains of Wales.  It was a lot bigger than the last one – 240 foot in all.  If you haven’t read the first article then you may like to read that first.

Natures gift
Natures gift

I’m on an eternal quest to live in a state of Satva which according to Vedic philosophy equals relaxation, focus time  but also being proactive too. It is in the Satva state ( harnessing both types of gunas –  Raja (proactive fiery qualities that if we don’t take time to replenish we have burn out) and Tamas (often is described as in a stat of inertia but the positive side is we all need to rest to replenish) that we connect to our own power source. Who ever said that together we are powerful beyond measure certainly leads to  clues to how to empower ourselves.

In Chinese philosophy Satva is know as Yin & Yang.  It is the state of balance and enlightenment. In this state  we replenish our energy supplies and thus turn into truly resourceful human beings. Stay tuned as I’ll be writing about Vedic and Chinese philosophy in the near future as well as looking at other traditions that also teach us the same message of unity between body and mind.

Satva I’ve come to realize isn’t something that you arrive at. Life is  always changing and we are always changing and evolving so  it  is always a continual journey.  I figured it is a more happier journey when we have a balance of those energies so well worth the eternal quest.

The day had finally arrived for my other quest to reach the top of a 240 foot waterfall and I could hardly contain myself. As we drove in the 4 by 4 wheel drive through winding country lanes through Wales I could feel the nerves starting to build up. Not as intense this time but they are still there, like tiny butterflies nudging me with their wings.

The window was slightly ajar and I could feel the gentle summer breeze kissing my hair and smell the delicious smells of freshly cut grass and straw flirting with my nostrils.


Views from the car window! Bliss!

The sound of the sheep grazing in the nearby fields brought  a smile to my face. There is something magical about living in the countryside and being so close to nature. I see the waterfall  in the distance and I feel so thankful that this opportunity has arisen to climb it. I’m feeling calm and excited.


I glance a the other passengers. It is obvious by their expression that this waterfall didn’t faze them. They were both experienced hikers and climbers and this beauty I was about to climb was considered a toddler compared their other conquests; Snow-den and Mount Teide in Tenerife.    To me it was definitely a grown up or a giant even. Oh well, one step at a time Melanie, I thought to myself.

Pistyll Rhaeader isn’t just home to a water fall but also a lovely meandering wide stream that flows through a lush forest. It is an ideal place for a lovely retreat and you can hire the fields there. It also has a beautiful quaint cafe there surrounded by the edge of the forest and which is our first port of call.


We settled beneath a wooden hut in the garden next to lush trees full of blue tits that obviously were used to the locals as one little darling poses for a picture. I feel very humble to be around this little but strong character and to feel that close affinity with him and nature.


Eager to explore my surroundings I wandered off alone to a nearby log cabin with a meditation room open to the public. I sat on a bench on the porch marveling at the beauty around me.



This is the view from the log cabins porch!


Just one of the many statues surrounding the log cabin!

After ambling through the woods which led to a horses field and spending some time with a big black cob and Shetland that were quite happy to groom each other I head back just in time for lunch.


Later we head down to the waterfall. The water looked almost brown- red because the banks had broken.  The pools look like swirling vortexes as they glint in the warm afternoon sunshine. Crowds of people have congregated at the foot of the waterfall, their faces full of delight as they admire the cascading water from 250 feet above. It is easy to practice mindfulness and stay in the moment. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world at this moment and that includes past or future. All that matters to me at that precise moment was now!

My eyes linger on the  the quick flowing river as it skips over rocks and drowns out the noise of the onlookers. I find my mouth is open as I stand there observing mother natures awesome presence and I feel grateful to be in that time moment reality.

I crane my head up to admire the view knowing that I’m only moments away from climbing this magnificent giant. It looked a lot bigger than the last one. Did I still want to do it? You bet I did.


After saying good bye to mum as she began her own adventures around the woods,  walking up hills is not her thing and she fancies some alone time – we start the ascent. The terrain is very different to Vernwi which is boggy and mossy and full of boulders that we had to pull ourselves up on.  Pistyll Rhaeader falls starts off in a woods and gently opens out into a wide grassy path with a steep edge. However that path soon narrows as you get half way up.

The views are incredible with valleys, far off hills, tiny streams and quaint wooden bridges full of other adventures that beckon me. I stand there breathing in the countryside air and feeling proud of my myself that I’d made it this far. I was marveling how well I was doing. Apart from the butterflies perched on a fern there were no inner butterflies, no reservations just this wonderful curiosity of being up so high.


When suddenly the path narrows a little more.  From the angle I was at I suddenly become aware of just how far I’d walked up. Realizing that I could see more of the edge than normal and noticing how steep the drop was caused me to become rooted to the spot.

In that moment I’ll be honest with you I wasn’t sure I could continue. Yes even coaches have their moments and I know that my clients have theirs too. Empathy from my own experiences not sympathy springs to mind. No text book here just practical experiences!

To any on lookers it must of looked quite a funny sight to see a 44 year old woman shuffling over to the grassy rock face and curling my fingers so I could grip the crevices. Baring in mind that this was a steep walk not  a scramble like the previous waterfall I’d been up.

Thankfully two of the group members came to my aid. The other woman distracted me by getting me to focus on the hills opposite and there contrasting color but that didn’t work. I was still turning around to gage the distance to the comfort rock. Yes I know some people have teddy bears or blankets well mine literally was a nice sturdy cliff face.

Another member of the group, a man asked me to crouch down on the ground and touch the earth. I immediately did so and as he told me that the earth would always keep me grounded and safe I felt my fear begin to dissolve. I could actually see the light again and I noticed my breath had steadied. We always think more clearly when we breath properly as the brain automatically opens up with all that lovely oxygen and using the full capacity of our lungs hence why people in my opinion who do meditation are more likely to find solutions more quickly than those who don’t.

Note to any one else thinking of doing this walk or other similar walks it is a good idea to go out with an experienced group. Something clicked inside of me and my empowering voice was back, the inner critic was put back in her box and I was able to stand up and continue with the ascent. And I’m so glad I did as I would never had got to see such treasures.

As I reached the top, I crossed a field, climbed over a style and stepped onto a rocky grey slate terrain. I suddenly realized I was at the top of the waterfall and what can I say, except it was well worth doing.  Beautiful lagoons to swim in surrounded by boulders and little caves, mini waterfalls and panoramic views of the countryside.


One of the mini waterfalls at the top!


Beautiful lagoons to swim in! Wet suit recommended as cold!

It takes about an hour at a gentle pace to reach the top. There are more advanced walks up there full of rocky paths and natural steps plus even steeper path for the more adventurous souls  which I plan to do next time but it was a good start.

I climbed down a couple of boulders and sat in a cave like structure that reminds me of the flint stones house. I felt like I’m on top of the world as I stared in awe at the rock pools which full of gushing water that flowed over the edge and I can’t believe I’m so close to it all.  The sounds of the water was so loud that I couldn’t hear my heart thudding. I suddenly feel brave and climb onto a large boulder. Dare I do it? Why not I think as I stand up and I get a birds eyes view of the whole world.


Me feeling quite brave!


Me feeling even more brave!

I just had to do an it felt so liberating an exhilarating!

It feels wonderful to have achieved another goal and my advice to anyone who is thinking of quitting before they get to the finish line, don’t!  Keep counting the baby steps because if you do come to a little hurdle like I did there is always going to be someone around the corner to help you with the next step of the journey. Mine happened to be two wonderful people who gave my inner coach a huge nudge into action. If I had of given up only half way there then I’d never have experienced this big gem.




They are a fun bunch!

After a leisurely stroll back down I eventually found mum and we headed for refreshments. Then later as it began to go cooler we took it in turns to visit the meditation room in the log cabin. I must say I’m impressed and I give a silent thank you to the people who gifted this cabin and sacred space to all of its visitors.





This above insight keeps me on track!20150822_131139[1]

As Budda said “you are the Buddha!”

It was quite a contrast to the exhilarating experience I’d just had reaching what felt like the top of the world but it was a nice way to finish the day off and keep the balance.

After a lovely meditation, and a look around all the mantras on the walls as well as writing in the gratitude book that is provided for the visitors we head off home. I’m smiling to myself as I’m told this is classed as one of the seven wonders of the world in Wales and I’m pleased another manifestation has happened.  I make a note to tick it off my to-do list. Or maybe tick it off and add it again as I’d look to do it all over.

As I lean my head in on the car window I marvel and reflect on the day. I’m still too in the moment to plan our next adventure. I’ll keep you posted!

Do you have any tips on how to push through your fears or to maintain your inner balance?

Wild at heart – day out to Vyrnwy waterfall in Wales.

Natures gift!
Natures gift!

A year ago if you were to tell me that I would be climbing Lake Vyrnwy waterfall in Wales I would have laughed. I’m frightened of heights and although have never conquered it I always dreamed that some day I would.  After climbing up a cliff in Nescliff in Shropshire or scrambling I should say and having been rooted on all fours afraid to look over the cliff which was only a foot or so away I vowed that climbing was not my thing.

I’ve always been more of a meditation and yoga type of girl.  Although more extreme sports have always appealed to me and apart from horse riding, diving and the odd climbing wall I’ve just not got around to doing any more of them because of my fear of heights.  However I’d been determined to reach a state of Sattva. This in vedic philosophy means to have the  balance of peaceful, relaxing energies and fiery proactive energies within our bodies and is said to be the ideal state to be in. Hence eventually deciding to do more extreme sports however never found the confidence to step out of my comfort zone.  This state is known as Sattva.  (See my next article to learn more about Sattva.)

However a year later, two days ago to be precise I decided to go on my regular mindfulness walks with one difference -to  climb a waterfall.  Determined to conquer my fear of heights  I sat on a rock in a beautiful stream and meditated. Without the incessant chatter I was able to take control of my mind.  Then after psyching myself up with lots of positive self talk I was raring to go.

Clearing the clutter and preparing myself for the climb!

Feeling somewhat calmer now I was able to continue with my mindful walk and be in the now rather than focused on the future which was the climb. It is always so important to enjoy the journey along the way as that is normally the best part and I didn’t want to miss any of it.

The place was stunning, full of beautiful wide streams, countryside, woods and towering hills. The smells of the sweet countryside air, flowers and grass tantalized my nostrils.  The abundance of birds, butterflies and bees that fluttered and buzzed around me and in the under growth was like music to my ears.  The afternoon sun caressed my skin and the gentle warm breeze felt pleasurable as it kissed my hair. The smells of natures natural fragrance was delightful and brought a smile to my face. There was a beautiful stillness that touched my soul and made me want to stay there forever. It is definitely worth a visit! I’m sure you will have a love affair with the place just like I have.


After a wonderful picnic full of scrumptious home made vegetarian cuisine and the delightful company of the group we packed the empty plates back into the picnic basket and headed towards the waterfall.


As we paddled through streams and walked over wooden bridges we could see the majestic waterfall in the distance and I felt my heart thud. I was definitely out of my comfort zone.  I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, centering myself and returning my focus to the feeling of the sunshine against my skin and the smells and sounds around me. I became mindful how walking through such a dramatic and beautiful landscape made me feel.  It made me feel serene and happy but I could also feel excitement for what lay ahead. I was doing something that I never though I’d do and that was climbing up a waterfall.

After jumping on huge rocks and narrow logs to cross the stream I came face to face with natures gift.  It was magnificent and had such presence. I could hear the flow of the water as it cascaded down the moss covered rugged cliffs and as I got close to it I felt the ice cold cool delicious water spray on my skin. It was a welcome relief as the midday sun was scorching.


As I started the ascent the views were sensational and I could feel my energy lift.  I was determined to stay in the now and enjoy the whole experience. In order to do this I focused on the feel of the heather covered rocks as my fingers gripped the edges as I began to pull myself onto the boulders. The ground was extremely boggy so I chose to climb on each of the boulders occasionally treading the boggy path and feeling my boots sinking into the squidgy mud. It squelched as I pulled my foot free and I felt like a child again full of wonder and awe.

It was a gentle ascent at first and then the path became more rugged and steeper however I practiced mindfulness to help me to stay in the moment and to dampen my fears before they could get a hold. The views were breath taking. There was an abundance of pretty colored heather and trees growing out of the cliffs and the sound of the waterfall was growing louder in my ears. I could hear my heart thudding in my chest and I stood there for a moments becoming mindful  of how I was feeling. Instead of feelings of fear I could feel excitement at how far I had come and feelings of wonder. It was the first time in my life that I had been so close to a waterfall. There were no fences dividing me from its magnificent beauty this time and presence just a couple of rocks. I marveled how easily the bird perched on a near by rock, no fears, no restraints. I figured if such a little beautiful fragile but so strong bird could do it then so could I. As they say practice makes perfect. And this was my first attempt and I figured I was doing pretty well for my first time.

I watched the rest of the group slide down the muddy embankment. They walked on  the submerged rock that was surrounded by one of the lagoons that you could swim in. I didn’t manage to get that far because the embankment was too muddy and I didn’t have the appropriate foot wear but instead watched from above and took some photographs. Note to self to remember to bring my hiking books next time.


One of the members of the group jumped out onto  another much smaller rock  and couldn’t make it back as the rocks were extremely slippy.  He was an experienced climber so I had full confidence he would be able to find his footing to get back.  After twenty minutes of observing the situation I finally realized that I may have to  come his aid. Another group member was holding out her hands and pointing to the non slippy part of the rock.


However he couldn’t see it from where he was and I watched him looking around to see other ways that he may be able to cross.   However there was none.

I took took a deep breath and braced myself. Fortunately for me his next attempt was successful and he landed quite gracefully for a man especially on the slippery rocks that were covered in moss. . It was a wonderful  moment and everyone cheered including myself! We only ended up climbing 3/4 way up as the rest of the way was scrambling climbing and one of the other members of the group didn’t  have suitable footwear. However there is always next time!

As we began our descent down I suddenly realized how far I had climbed. For a moment I froze as it crossed my mind that I may not be able to get down.  Then I breathed and my supportive ‘you can do it’ voice came back.

I knew that I’d  come this far and figured that if I had got up there I could get down too.  The group I was with was supportive and helped me but I managed to do most of it myself. I walked down the steep rugged cliff face, over a boggy swamp and managed to jump on the boulders to reach flat ground. I’d made it and it left me thirsty for more adventures. When one of the group members mentioned an even bigger waterfall Pistyll Rhaeder in the Berwyn mountains.  I jumped at the chance!

I finished the day with a meditation session and writing in my thankfulness diary.  I headed back to beautiful Shropshire  feeling invigorated replenished, nicely calm and ready for my next adventure.


There will be peace in the world!

I always look for quotes and pictures that act as a catalyst for change.  This one is very significant to me as its words helped me to get the balance back in my own life. It  is my favorite Chinese proverb and I thought I’d share it with you as it reflects everything I stand for and teach. It also reminds me how far I have come on my own soul journey.

Peace always starts within. Do not seek it on the outside!
Peace always starts within. Do not seek it on the outside!

Do you have any any quotes or inspiring stories that helped you go forwards in your life?


The secret to a happier fulfilled life!

Everything you want ison the side oflove!

Thought for the day

I’ve always believed love makes the world go round. I’m not just talking about the love we feel for our loved ones but everything we have in our world.  Without love we would have no technology, no architecture, no art and a pretty bland world. Love is the fuel for everything beautiful that we create.

When we feel love we feel creative, energized and at our most powerful. Not only does it make us feel much more motivated to take action but those high end emotions are the catalyst for manifesting your ideal outcomes.

“When you concentrate on creating those happy feelings on a consistent basis through thinking what you’d love to have more of or even to experience for the first time – then what you love comes to you in great abundance.”

A good example to illustrate this is what transpired a couple of days a go. I really needed a selfie stick so I could start to do some vlogs (videos) for my site. They are really cheap to buy but I was not able to get out until Friday and I really wanted them now as I was excited to start filming. Anyway I sat there thinking ‘I’d love a selfie stick as I’d really love to do some videos tomorrow.’

I let it go and turned my attention to something else.

Can you imagine my face when my daughter came down a couple moments later and handed me one and said ‘here I think you’ll find this useful for your video’s. I had no idea she had one and I just flung my arms around her and kissed her. Then I looked up to the sky and said thank you universe. You always deliver.

I truly believe that when you focus on what you love and don’t get to attached to the outcome then what you love will always find a way to you!

Today’s Mantra

I love what I do and I do what I love. When I let go what I love comes to me in abundance.

Do you have any stories that you’d like to share about what you have manifested?


Top tips to get back into alignment!

You are a human crystal with enough power

In today’s blog I’m going to look at ways to help you get aligned with your true path, to get that enthusiasm back and to live your highest potential.

Today’s 1st mantra is:

‘I always have time for things that are important to me’.

Today’s words of wisdom

If you don’t have the time for things that are important to you then it is normally a sign that what you think you want isn’t really what you want at all. Or if that’s not the case then it could be an underlying fear and we’ll cover this in another blog post.

Scratch beneath the surface and you could find that it  is some other person’s goals that your living and you’re doing it to meet their expectations.  Or possibly you are pursuing it for some other reason.

If this is the case then it may be time to delve a little deeper so that you can find out why you are working in a career/business/life that doesn’t satisfy you. Once you know the answer to that then the next step is to look at what does ignite your passion.  This may mean going back to the drawing board to find out what is.  It has been said that once you find your passion you don’t have to work a day in your life!

Your goals are not meant to be set in stone.  If something isn’t nurturing your soul and helping you to feel fulfilled and happy then it is okay to change track.  The average person changes careers 7 times in their life time. I’ve exceeded that and it is  more than okay for you to do that too!  What is more important is that you achieve your highest potential in this time, space, reality and live a life full of meaning and purpose.

How do you know you are in vibrational alignment? A good sign is you wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized and serene but also enthusiastic about your life. You find joy in the individual tasks or steps that you are taking to achieve your goal and you feel in flow.

For example when I was learning how to make my posters for my business (above) I experienced feelings of enthusiasm to learn a new digital skill. I felt in awe of the experience of using my creative mind to  create the picture of the crystals for the photography session. I felt thrilled that each picture I took looked better than the last and my photography skills are gradually improving.  I was smiling as I replied back to people’s inquiries today feeling grateful and excited that my goal was coming into fruition.

I didn’t just have my eyes focused on the end result (the ultimate goal) and thinking  I’ll be happy when I get my workshops up and running.    I was feeling happy now because I was fully engaged and mindful of the process (the journey). And thus a lot of my energy was focused onto what I wanted to create so I created more flow.

The more happier I became the more motivated I was. There is a strong correlation between experiencing positive emotions and high motivational levels. So the secret to motivating yourself is to find something you love and do it!

If you are not feeling all these awesome high end emotions then guaranteed you’re not feeling motivated. This is normally a good indication  that you are not in alignment with your souls highest purpose. Low energy and low end emotions show you that you are not only not in alignment with your souls highest purpose but your not in alignment to receive your manifestation.

“What you want has a high vibration and if you match the vibration of what you desire on a consistent basis then it will come to you. This is Law of Attraction in action.”

The above quote illustrates how I managed to attract my ideal property to live in completely for free (a small holding with stables, land and paddocks in a beautiful rural location in Shropshire and where I’ll be holding my workshops.

Each one of you has an electromagnetic energy field just like the crystals above. However when you are not feeling enthused about what you’re doing then your unable to tap into that huge energy reservoir inside of you to manifest your ideal life. It is a bit like having a beautiful car but no fuel in it. It’s going to look superb but is not really going to do you much good. It is what you put into the car that turns it into a super useful machine.

Another good example to illustrate this is crystals  If you don’t cleanse your crystals and help power them up with the help of the sun, words and the energy from the moon light then their magnetic charge will be low. This means you will be unable to help yourself heal with them. The crystals are a channel which must be open for them to do their work.   Well it is exactly the same with you. You are very similar to a crystal in that you too are beautiful creations each with your own energetic vibration. The only way you can power yourself up is by doing things that are aligned with who you really are and doing things that help you to flourish. Doing things that help you flourish raises your field.  And it all starts with a thought.

quartz crystals

Two good questions to ask yourself is what would I really love to do, or do more of? What would it feel, look and sound like if I was to turn it into a business or pursue it as career? If that vision makes you feel excited and enthused right there and then that is a good start to get back into vibrational alignment with what you want. If not, then go back to the drawing board until your ideal life does evoke those emotions.  It doesn’t matter how many times you have to do that the most important thing is you find your passion and live it every day!

Today’s 2nd mantra is:

I have a business/career that enthuses me whilst generating a fantastic income doing what I love.

Melanie J Molloy

Founder of Heartz Inspired


A top tip to manifesting!

Returning you to your natural state of happiness!
Returning you to your natural state of happiness!